Don’t Care to Repair? What you should be doing for your fire alarm system but don’t

If you’ve been paying attention to our recent blog and videos, you saw that has been launching service after service designed to keep your property up-to-code and safe. Our job isn’t just to guarantee that your system is in tip top shape, but also helping you decide whether it’s time to let go (sad face) and upgrade. We know sometimes it’s hard to do what’s best for you—that’s why we wrote these do’s and don’ts for your fire alarm system:

DO: Get your system tested and maintained semi-annually

THIS IS PART OF THE NFPA 72 CODE AND REGULATIONS PEOPLE!! IF you’re not having your system checked twice a year, you’re in violation of these codes and can—nay, WILL—get hefty fines.

We recommend: offers a Semi-Annual Maintenance, Testing and Inspection Service for those who plan ahead. But for those who, like me, forget (let’s chalk it up to our hectic lifestyle) and THAT’S the moment something goes wrong, then our Emergency Repair Service is the way to go. Murphy’s Law is no match for our latest service, designed to help you repair your fire alarm system, regardless of condition.

DON’T: Hold off on repairs

We understand that repairs and maintenance are costly and sometimes even annoying to keep up with. What’s even worse is that system failures are even MORE expensive long-term and are bound to happen to every aging system.

We recommend: Ditching that lousy Fire Watch that’s been patrolling your site for three weeks and call to REPAIR. THAT. SYSTEM. And while we’re on the topic, we even provide a separate service that will dispatch certified professionals to guard your site while we fix your fire alarm system speedily and with ease. (See Fire Watch).

DO: Call a professional with concerns about your fire alarm system

It’s good to stay on top of systems, especially older ones. If you have any doubts about your system’s functionality, make sure to call a professional (ahem) to discuss options and site evaluations.

We recommend: We’re an entire TEAM of professionals that provide services designed to make sure your fire alarm system is working and that YOU are safe. If you’re unsure about the state of your system, its best to get a Pre-Maintenance inspection to make sure you’re A-Okay. When systems are not running their best and can use some help—the Fire Alarm System Repair Service will knock it out of the park once again. Not only will we find the problem and fix it, but we will also provide you with a detailed report and repair estimate showing what your system needs work on, AND provide the best option for YOU.

If it wasn’t obvious, our new service—Emergency Fire Alarm System Repair Service is a must for your system’s gradual wear and tear. Like anything, fire alarm systems need to be nurtured and cared for. It’s like having a very loud child or pet or even house plant. That’s why we’re with you in every situation to help you resolve faults, violations, errors, and whatever else your system may throw at you. Only at Until next time!

–’s Social Media Editor

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