Edwards Signaling ANSXM8

Intelligent Output Interface Card

Condition: New
Brand: Edwards Signaling
Status: Active
SKU: 5487
Manufacturer Part #: ANSXM8


The ANSXM8 is an intelligent output interface card with eight output points and eight red LEDs. Outputs are solid-state normally-open dry contacts rated at 30 mA max @ 0 – 24 V. They may be field configured as normally-open dry contacts, or as separate voltage drive points. When used as drive points, each output can be tied to a specified voltage from zero to 24 volts, and feed the designated voltage as a drive point. Outputs 1 through 4 and Outputs 5 through 8 may linked to the same or different voltage references. Outputs may be programmed to follow a message activation, a page, or a control function. On activation the corresponding input LED will indicate.

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