Edwards Signaling ANSSW8


Intelligent Switch/LED Card

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Brand: Edwards Signaling FireAlarm.com Part #: 5484 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: ANSSW8


The ANSSW8 is an optional control/indication module that includes eight momentary contact switches and eight tri-color (green/red/amber) LEDs. Switches may be programmed for paging, emergency message activation, or control functions. When used in conjunction with the ANSZM4B2A Zone Splitter, the ANSSW8 may be programmed for zone paging. LEDs for switches assigned to page zones will indicate steady red for Page and flashing red for Alarm. An emergency message broadcast to any zone will indicate green. The zone LED will indicate amber if the associated speaker zone is in fault condition.

Switches programmed for messages indicate Green when selected. Only one message is active at a time. If a higher priority message is activated while a message is playing, its associated LED will go off and the higher priority message LED will indicate. A fire alarm condition will override all other messages in the queue and the associated fire alarm message will be broadcast immediately.

Switches may alternately be programmed for control functions. On a switch activation, a corresponding point on an ANSXM8 Output Card will follow. Switch LEDs indicate red on activation.


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