Kidde INT-S


70V Speaker, Red

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Brand: Kidde Part #: 6671 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: INT-S


Integrity Speakers and Speaker-Strobes are designed for broadcasting high quality, integrated, emergency voice communications, as well as alert and alarm tone signals. Use them in life safety applications, especially to notify the hearing impaired and where transitory people are expected such as in hotels, malls, airports, hospitals and other public buildings. These speakers are shipped complete with a ‘DC Blocking Capacitor’ to permit electrical supervision of the audio distribution circuit. Models for 25 Vrms and 70 Vrms circuits are available. The mylar speaker with sealed back construction provides extra durability and improved audibility. Wattage taps from 1/4W to 2W provide maximum on-site flexibility. Integrity’s rugged plastic housing is available with a red or white textured finish. With its ingenious mounting sub-plate, Integrity is firmly held in place with a single screw ensuring a quick, attractive installation. A separate trim plate is not required for flush mounting.


Weight 2.5 lbs






Speaker and Patented SpeakerStrobes INT Series
Kidde – Data Sheet

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