Synchronization Output Module, UIO Mount

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Brand: Kidde Part #: 6501 Categories: , , Manufacturer Part #: GSA-MCC1S


GSA-CC1S and MCC1S Synchronization Output Modules are intelligent analog addressable devices that form part of Kidde’s Signature line of products. The actual operation of the GSA-CC1S and MCC1S is determined by the “personality code” selected by the installer, which is downloaded to the module from the Signa- ture loop controller during system configuration. Depending on their assigned personality, Synchronization Output Modules may be used as a signal power riser selector to provide synchronization of fire alarm signals across multiple zones, or for connecting, upon command from the loop controller, supervised Class B signal or telephone circuits to their respective power inputs. The power inputs may be polarized 24 Vdc to operate au- dible and visible signal appliances or 25 and 70 VRMS to operate audio evacuation speakers and firefighter’s telephones.


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Synchronization Output Module GSA-CC1S, MCC1S
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