Different Types of Fire Suppression System Agents

Fire Suppression Systems don’t get the love or attention that they deserve. A Fire Suppression System can be a crucial addition to a regular Fire Alarm System in any given building. A Fire Alarm System simply notifies a building and its occupants of a fire, but a Fire Suppression System can actually stop a fire from spreading or put out the fire completely upon ignition.

Fire Sprinkler Systems on the other hand function similarly to Fire Suppression Systems, however, in many cases, water cannot be used as a suppression agent, which is the only agent that a Sprinkler System can use, unlike a Suppression System. In buildings such as industrial plants/facilities storing hazardous chemicals, kitchens that contain a high-quantity of grease, or data centers that contain sensitive equipment, you simply cannot use a Sprinkler or water-based system, as water cannot put out chemical or grease fires. In the aforementioned cases, a water-based Sprinkler System would do just as much damage to these properties as a fire would.

Depending on your building, facility and situation, FireAlarm.com can install and outfit your facility with a state-of-the-art Fire Suppression System that can utilize an of the following agents:

1. Clean Agent Suppression Systems

This agent has outstanding extinguishing capabilities, is not damaging to the environment, and more importantly, is not overtly dangerous for any occupants.

2. Dry-Based Suppression Systems

Most dry agents are also environmentally friendly, and have many of the same advantages of the Clean Agent materials.

3. Carbon Dioxide Suppression Systems

As the name implies, this agent is also very advantageous against fires as is suffocates fires by removing all oxygen from the area. It is readily available, has minimal cleanup, and is great for chemical/hazardous fires.

4. Foam Suppression Systems

Certain types of foam are mostly wet-based and are fantastic for flammable liquids as these remove the fuel directly from the fire. These foams have high and low expansion types depending on the area installed, while also having minimal impact on the environment.

5. Water-Based (Restaurant) Suppression Systems

These are especially useful for kitchens – anywhere with high-heat, grease, and open flames, as these systems are most commonly automatically released (no pull-station required for release). These agents are inexpensive, also environmentally friendly, and have numerous other advantages.

All-in-all, a Fire Suppression System is a very strong piece of fire-fighting technology, that has many different types and kinds of agents to be able to combat fires effectively. Just like any Fire Alarm System, a Fire Suppression System is made up of similar components: smoke detectors, pull-stations, etc. and can be addressable or conventional, depending on you and your building’s needs.

FireAlarm.com can provide you with whatever type of Fire Suppression System, Fire Sprinkler System, Fire Alarm System, or any combination of these systems, in order to ensure that your building, facility, campus and its occupants are protected at all costs! Contact us as [email protected], or call us at 888-497-0290 in order to get started, or simply browse our wide selection of Fire Suppression Systems on our website right now.

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