Our 13 days of VERY scary fire safety facts (and tips) is coming to an end this Saturday on Halloween! We hope you have had the chance to take a look at our daily posts to see how you and your family can stay safe this season. If you haven’t (okay, NOW we’re only slightly offended), visit us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to see just how scary Halloween can be without the right safety measures!




Did You Know:

  1. 13 million dollars’ worth of property damage caused by fires occurs each Halloween
  2. 41 people are injured in house fire accidents each year on Halloween
  3. Over 44% of Halloween decoration fires occur due to their proximity to a heat source
  4. 1/5 of decoration fires start in the kitchen and 16% begin in the living room
  5. Between 2013-2017 an average f 780 home structure fires began with decorations per year
  6. More than 100 people die each year as a result of their clothing catching fire
  7. Between 2014-2016, residential fires made up only 32.2% of halloween fires between 2014 and 2016 while outdoor fires made up 38.4%, vehicle fires made up 15.1%, and 8.5% non-residential fires. Residential fires on Halloween resulted in the most deaths (68%), injuries (79%), and property loss (51%). 

Tricky Tips:

  1. You can prevent fires by skipping the TRICKS and giving more TREATS! (That means avoiding tricky flames and décor, and yes, stop leaving flaming bags of poo on peoples’ doorsteps: what is this, 1987???)
  2. Use less candles, opt for battery powered instead!
  3. Make sure your costume and accessories are fire proof/resistant
  4. Keep exits clear of decorations
  5. Keep flammable décor away from candles or other heat sources
  6. Teach your children to stay away from open flames!

Stay safe fire alarm friends!


–’s Social Media Editor

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