More On The Latest Edwards/EST-4 Technology

Hi all! We hope you enjoyed our latest video on Edwards’ new OPTICA Signature Series detectors. As mentioned in that video, the future of Edwards/EST is also already here in the form of their new fire alarm control panel, the EST-4. The EST-4 was announced earlier this year and has many benefits, specifically its backwards compatibility with all EST-3 major components and wiring. As highlighted in Edwards’ own video, the EST-4 has the following new features:

  • Flexible IPV6 network design. Can operate in Class B, A, X, N or full mesh using fiber, Ethernet or copper wiring.
  • Firewalls – The EST4 proxy firewall uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption and secure protocols making it FIPS Pub 197 certified. The FIPS, Federal Information Processing Standards, are the most current and most advanced encryption protocols administered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • On-board Webserver Remote device-independent access to system status reports.
  • Built-in E-mail and E-mail-to-SMS Messaging Instant notification of specific event types sent to appropriate personnel.
  • Large Full-color LCD Touch Screen with Tactile Buttons Fast, intuitive access to service and responder functions.
  • Five-color LED Indicators System status at a glance, select the color needed during programming, reduces replacement part inventory, maximizes use of available infrastructure.
  • Network data, audio data, and telephone data share a single twisted pair or single fiber strand Up to 75 percent less cabling, substantial cost savings in material and labor.
  • Backwards Compatibility with EST3 Wiring, devices, and most local rail modules are backward compatible, providing easy migration paths, economical transition to new technology.
  • Existing Systems Supporting only Network Data can also Support Voice Audio Upgrades add value and extend capabilities in retrofit situations.

When used in-conjunction with their new OPTICA Signature Series, the efficiency of the EST-4 system is said to dramatically increase. The best thing about all of this, is that migrating from an EST-3 system is supposedly seamless and cost-effective.

However, as with any new system, it will take some time before these systems actually prove themselves as solid and long-lasting products. An important reason for upgrading your fire alarm system, should be to have not only a better system, but to also have a system that will last you even longer than the previous one. In this case, we can only hope that the EST-4 can outlive its previous iterations, and prove itself as an effective, powerful, and more importantly, long-lasting fire alarm system. is able to provide you with a fire alarm system upgrade or installation from start to finish. Using our in-house engineers and technicians, we can design, create, quote, purchase, provide, approve, and install your next fire alarm system. As we install more and more EST-4 systems, we will learn more and more about its intricacies and efficiency as a system as whole.

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