5 HUGE Benefits of Installing A Home Security & Surveillance System

In keeping with FireAlarm.com’s focus on Residential and at-home fire safety and security, today I wanted to highlight the superb benefits one has in owning a fully-integrated security and camera surveillance system. With so much new technology available to homeowners in 2021, now’s a good of time as any to upgrade your home security hardware.

No matter the short-term cost of installing or upgrading your home security system, by ensuring the safety of your home, you are saving thousands of dollars in what-could-be stolen goods and property damage – not to mention the emotional & mental hardships faced after a home break-in, or tumultuous event. FireAlarm.com can guide you every step of the way in ensuring you have a complete and up-to-date fire alarm, camera, security, and surveillance system. Here are 5 HUGE benefits as to why you should get started on protecting your home with FireAlarm.com, today:

1. Aiding Police & Fighting Crime

Believe it or not, but having a comprehensive security system installed is proven to decrease local crim rates in your area. The mere presence of an outdoor camera system, or video doorbell deters many criminals. If items are ever stolen from your home, your cameras can be used to track down criminals and burglars by local law enforcement. With today’s up-to-date, high-quality technology, police can use your recorded videos and images to capture criminals, prevent future crimes, and return your items.

2. Checking In

If you have kids, or elderly at home, having a robust security system allows you to check-in on your loved ones, including the babysitter to ensure that he/she is doing their job correctly. Remote monitoring of your home can also ensure any packages delivered are safe & sound, and will be known if they are stolen from your doorstep.

3. Your Pets Are Important Too

Loved ones don’t have to be just human! What many don’t realize is how many advantages come with being able to monitor and even talk to your pets while you are away. Let there be less stress in your life by having the power to check-in on your home at any given moment.

4. Insurance Benefits

A robust security system can typically lead to discounts on home security insurance costs by up to 20%, or sometimes even more! Also, after a burglary, you’ll be able to have recorded footage and documentation in order to file your insurance claim and receive maximum compensation and assistance from your insurance company.

5. Home Automation Is The Future!

Installing a robust security or surveillance system with FireAlarm.com is your first step in automating all of your fire alarm, life safety, and security systems within your home. By automating your home’s use of lighting, heating, fire alarm, security systems, and more, you can drastically reduce your electric bills. Not only this, but the ease-of-use and quality-of-life benefits you and your family will be receiving will be astronomical!

FireAlarm.com has the widest selection of camera, security panel, surveillance system, and fire alarm systems on the market. Work with one of your speciality agents in order to provide you with a custom-tailored quote and system, designed to meet you and your loved-one’s needs, and ensure that your home is safe forever. Call us at 888-497-0290 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected] in order to get started today.

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