Fire Alarm System Documentation Retrieval, Evaluation & Review

Having all of the documentation required for a spot inspection by a FDNY field inspector is essential. Do not subject yourself to summons or fines!

Using's team of Engineers & Expeditors simplifies this extremely difficult task of navigating the Buildings Department and Fire Department to acquire the documentation you need! 

Our team focuses on tracking down and getting copies of your Fire Department Letter of Approval, Letter of Defect, Applicable Summons, Department of Buildings Certificate of Occupancy and much more. Our Engineering team will be able to access the Department of Buildings and Fire Department websites, visit their locations and find all of the required documentation you need for your fire or life safety system(s).

The following is a list of code compliant record requirements all buildings are required to have:

We provide only knowledgeable and experienced engineers and expeditors. They are trained with the know-how to get you what you need!


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