Fire Alarm System Document Retrieval, Evaluation & Review

Having all of the documentation required for a spot inspection by a FDNY field inspector is essential. Do not subject yourself to summons or fines! Using’s team of Engineers & Expeditors simplifies this extremely difficult task of navigating the Buildings Department and Fire Department to acquire the documentation you need!


Fire Alarm System Violation Resolution can provide you with a detailed analysis and assessment of your facilities’ compliance with fire codes as inscribed by the state of New York, or wherever you may be located. We offer services that can bring any construct up to state regulation and ensure that it is compliant with the existing fire codes. If your property has been issued the following, can help!

Fire Safety Director

Fire Codes require Fire Safety Directors (FSD) or a Responsible Owner/Representative for any commercial high-rise building, campus or industrial site. The primary duties of an FSD is (a) To ensure that the Fire Department has been notified of any fire situations or fire alarm activations, (b) Man the Fire Command Station, (c) Direct the evacuation procedures in the Fire Safety Plan. Secondary duties include ensuring that all fire safety regulations are in compliance, and to implement and update a site-specific fire safety plan.

Professional Engineering Services offers a full array of engineering services that include: Field Surveys and Need Assessments, Preliminary and Final Designs, Schedules and Cost Estimates, Project Implementation, and Project Commissioning.

Professional Consultation

Our professionals can offer their expert advice on the most sophisticated and feasible way that you can protect your business’ most valuable elements: employees, patrons, and, of course, the structure. It is vital that the plan be decisive and exact because it protects not only the construct but also the durability and longevity of the business itself.