24/7/365 Emergency Answering Service’s Emergency Answering Services are provided to our clients, contractors, fire officials, police officers, custodians, property managers, etc. These services extend to provide full support to you and your building or facility.

24/7/365 Emergency Central Station Connection

Additionally, provides 24/7/365 Fire Department local office connection by state-of-the-art central station connection services. This provides Fire Department coverage for your building or facility, all year-round.

Fire Alarm System Repair can help you repair your fire alarm system, no matter what state or condition your system is in. Our team can find the underlying cause of any alarm, trouble, or supervisory signal that your system may be showing – whether your system is an old, 30-year old dinosaur, or a brand-new system.

Temporary Fire Alarm System

When you rent or lease a Temporary Fire Alarm System from us, you can rest easy knowing that you and your building’s occupants are safe no matter what changes your building, or your current fire alarm system may be currently undergoing. Our Temporary Systems are a brand created solely by, in-house.

Fire Watch

National Law and Codes dictate that a Fire Watch is to be put in place if a building’s fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system, or fire suppression system is out of order for a period to exceed four hours. Whether this is a pre-planned outage or not, it is important Fire Watch is instated in order to ensure your building, campus, or facility is properly protected from fire.