Smoke Detector MATCH! Service

Introducing a revolutionary way for commercial buildings, campuses, industrial sites, and government-owned facilities to save incredible amounts of money on maintaining their fire alarm systems.

Pre-Maintenance Inspection

The purpose of the Fire Alarm System Pre-Maintenance Inspection is to visually and operationally inspect, test & evaluate the condition of the system if you have never had maintenance performed. We will identify all system faults, troubles, alarms and any inoperable panels – peripherals, initiating and notification appliance devices, primary power & standby back up batteries.

Semiannual Maintenance, Testing & Inspection

As per the NFPA-72, code compliance Fire Alarm System Semiannual Maintenance is required by law. Regardless of how sophisticated and complex a system or product may be, without regular maintenance, tests, and repair it could result in failure when support is needed most.