For Kids’s fire prevention & awareness program for Kids!

Do you pratice fire safety with your children in your home?

This program aims to continually provide parents, adults and children resources, tips, and ideas on how to properly teach families everything there is to know about fire safety.

With proper training and preparedness, you & your children will learn to correctly react and act when there are signs of fire. You will be protecting the lives of your family, and your home from a potential fire disaster.

With this program, our main goal is to make sure your children know what to do and how to be prepared in the case of a fire emergency. For example, did you know that just by you and your children knowing where the fire extinguishers & fire blankets are in your house the percentage of fires spreading in your household decrease by over 70%. You don’t have a fire extinguisher or fire blanket in your house? Ah, so this program is perfect for you AND your kids!

Download the checklist