FIRE ALARM SYSTEM INSTALLATION has the capability and support to implement a variety of optimum fire and safety instruments and strategies. These unique systems that are available by provide additional benefits well beyond those of traditional equipment installers. In addition to distributing and securing the appropriate instrument into position, we also provide services that far surpass the basic process. Continual surveillance and safety precautions lead to a complete and thorough safety management system.

Our products and services include:

  • Fire Alarm and Communication Systems
  • Interior Fire Alarm and Signal Systems
  • Smoke and Heat Detection
  • Sprinkler and Suppression Systems
  • Lock Door Fail Safe Release Systems
  • Control and Graphic Annunciation Systems
  • Standpipe Fire Line Signaling and Telephone Systems
  • Elevator Communication and Interconnection
  • Emergency Lighting
  • And a wide variety of other safety tools

We service the leading names in fire and life safety, including but not limited to:

  • Kidde, Edwards / EST Systems Technology
  • Tyco SimplexGrinnell (Now Johnson Controls, Inc.)
  • Honeywell-Gamewell
  • Notifier
  • Siemens (Cerberus Pyrotronics & Faraday)
  • Autocall

We provide complete design build services, constructed directly by our expert engineers, which focus on electrical construction, specializing in building, fire and life safety systems. A Field Survey is performed in order to generate a comprehensive assessment that meets the Federal, State, and Local given jurisdiction requirements and then surpasses them.

Our services include preliminary and final designs, schedules, and cost estimates, which presents you with the ‘full picture’ and the power to make well-informed decisions. This level of commitment and determination is evident in each unique plan from the concept phase right to completion.

Take a look at this flow-chart that outlines each step in installing a brand-new fire alarm system:

  1. All information on your building, including floor plans, HVAC fan types, elevator info, etc. will be the groundwork for our plans, and will be outlined.
  2. Using all of your building’s information that we gathered, a proposed fire alarm system will be designed and tailored specifically for you by our in-house Licensed Professional Engineer, Registered Architect or someone from our network of professionals.
  3. Our design drawings will be created and filed with your local Building Department, and then your local Fire Department.
  4. will then provide a set of in-house Engineered Shop Drawings showing how your system will be built for a particular fire alarm brand – once again, tailored specifically for your needs.
  5. These Engineered Shop Drawings will then be reviewed and approved by the Engineer of Record for the job, which will also be able to provide if needed.
  6. After all appropriate approvals, will begin the electrical contracting work using an electrical contractor of your choosing, or we can provide a contractor that is also a part of our network of companies.
  7. will also be able to provide Fire Alarm Integration and provide all “Parts-n-Smarts” in order to complete the electrical and fire alarm install.
  8. will program, turn-up, test, and commission your brand-new fire alarm system.
  9. Finally, will arrange to have your system inspected, and approved by your local Fire Department. All system filing documents and certifications will be provided to you.

No matter what step of the new installation we are in, and although there are 9 steps here, there could be less or more depending on your situation – rest assured, will hold your hand all the way through no matter what step we’re starting or ending on. is committed to providing you with an open-source system so that you aren’t locked into any one brand for years to come.