FIRE ALARM SYSTEM VIOLATION RESOLUTION can provide you with a detailed analysis and assessment of your facilities’ compliance with fire codes as inscribed by the state of New York, or wherever you may be located. We offer services that can bring any construct up to state regulation and ensure that it is compliant with the existing fire codes. If your property has been issued the following, can help!

  • Notice of Violation
  • Violation Order
  • Letter of Defect
  • Summons
  • Vacate Order

Resolving these issues can be complicated, time consuming and extremely costly. It can be extremely difficult to grasp and understand your city’s Fire Code. Let us eliminate your stress; our expertise and industry knowledge are unsurpassed.

Utilizing’s Engineers and Expeditors, we will go through the Fire Department Violation Removal Process, as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible in order to clear any of your violations. Our experts investigate, research, evaluate and review the violations issued, and we provide clear and concise direction to clear them.

After correcting the violation, a Certificate of Correction will be filed. Additionally, the correction form showing proof will be provided. Copies of bills, receipts, photos, etc. will be provided to the FDNY for their review and approval. Once the Certificate of Correction has been approved, a dismissal of the violation will be forthcoming. As such, no penalty or court appearance will be required.

How to avoid being issued a Violation:

  • Always apply for the fire safety permit required.
  • Maintain fire safety records.
  • Provide and maintain required postings, signage, notices and instructions.
  • Provide proper maintenance according to NFPA 72 for all fire protection systems and prevent unwarranted alarms
  • Ensure that maintenance is performed by Certified Technicians with the applicable Certificate of Fitness
  • Ensure that the required fire safety inspections and testing are performed is here to help you correct your unsafe conditions. We can also provide Fire Alarm System, pre-inspection, maintenance and repair (See our other service offerings for more information).