As per the NFPA-72, code compliance Fire Alarm System Semiannual Maintenance is required by law.

Regardless of how sophisticated and complex a system or product may be, without regular maintenance, tests, and repair it could result in failure when support is needed most. The highest quality system could quickly deteriorate if key elements do not function as required. This is why is dedicated to maintaining these crucial networks of preventative technology. Effective maintenance and upkeep of these vital systems ensure that they function when they are needed most.

Maintenance and repair prove to be just as important as having these safeguards in the first place. They limit downtime, pre-serve optimum performance, and even extend the life of the equipment, which could prove costly to replace.

Two (or more) of our knowledgeable and certified Fire Alarm Technicians will perform the Semiannual Maintenance by visually inspecting and operationally testing and documenting the following:

  1. All initiating devices such as Manual Pull-Stations, Sprinkler Devices
  2. All Smoke, Duct and Combo Detectors (cleaning & documenting)
  3. All Visual Warning & Notification Appliances

 such as Horns, Strobes, Gongs, Bells and Remote Indicating Lamps

  1. Central Station Connection
  2. Standby, or back-up batteries
  3. Fan, Purge & Damper Relays
  4. Elevator Recall Relays
  5. Amplifiers Power Supplies
  6. Remote Annunciators
  7. Two-Way Voice Communication
  8. Lamp & LEDs Selector Switches
  9. Microprocessors & Sub-System Interfaces
  10. Input/Output Modules
  11. Printers & CRT Video Displays

Our expert technicians provide maintenance services for fire, life safety, and security equipment in order to ensure that these products work when necessary and function at their optimum level. Preventing breakdowns in the network protects lives, assets, and time. By ensuring they perform exceptionally and always consistent with all safety codes, we provide services that are unmatched. We offer a choice of a standard service agreement or a custom-tailored agreement designed to meet your specific needs.