UNLIMITED WIFI COVERAGE has the experience and know-how to design, install & implement a Wi-Fi system that will provide your business with one of the most important attributes: Uninterrupted Communication. This is achieved by providing a Wi-Fi system with unlimited coverage area and no dead zones. is able to ensure that all Wi-Fi Cellphones, Tablets, Computers, VOIP Phones, etc. are seamlessly connected. Continuity is Key!

A reliable Wi-Fi connection is fundamentally important in today’s world. Whether accessing digital content, collaborating with a team on a project or downloading or uploading documents, long login times and sluggish connections are unacceptable.

All institutions require a powerful yet easy to use network that delivers stable internet access all the time, even while under heavy load. This exceptional user experience allows workforce efficiency and productivity is improved! is staffed with Network Engineers that possess the expertise to design a value-added system at the most competitive prices. We can easily deploy, manage and/or expand a Wi-Fi network while addressing distinctive business requirements.