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Audio Amplifier Module

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The Advanced AV-AMP-80 module provides Digital Audio capabilities to Axis AX “V” Series, Axis AX Command Centers, AV-VBM Audio Panel and the AV-VB Distributed Audio Booster. The module provides two Class A or B 40 Watt Audio Notification Appliance Circuits (ANACs). Communications with an Axis AX panel is achieved through the use of the AX-CTL onboard PBUS (RS-485 network) interface port. This interface is used for control of the module including selection of the 16-channel flash-based digital messages, message repeat cycles, activation of the audio output, and monitoring of any AV-AMP-80 trouble condition.

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  • Dual 40 Watt @ 25 Vrms Amplifiers
  • 16-Channel Digital Message Generator
  • PC-NeT Programmable
  • Unique “Booster” Option
  • Compact/Efficient Digital Amplifier Design
  • Class A or B Wiring
  • Isolated PBUS (RS-485 Network) Interface
  • Freely Programmable CBE logic
  • Automatic one-to-one Backup Option
  • Supervised Microphone Input for AV-MIC Module
  • Three Programmable External Trigger Inputs

Audio Amplifier Module


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