AGF Manufacturing 2511GA-0125-14.0K


1 1/4″ TESTanDRAIN, Groove x Groove, 3/4″ ESFR, 14 K-Factor

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Brand: AGF Manufacturing Part #: 107033 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: 2511GA-0125-14.0K


The AGF TESTanDRAIN Model 2511T is a single-handle ball valve (with an alternative handle location for added installation flexibility) that provides the test and express drain functions for wet fire sprinkler systems. The single handle ball valve configuration eliminates the multiple connections needed by traditional loop assemblies. The Model 2511T is compliant with industry standards which require provisions for properly draining a system and the inclusion of a pressure relief valve on all wet systems (NFPA 13). All 2511T models feature a 175 PSI rated pressure relief valve (other ratings available) with drain trim, 3-way universal gauge valve, 4” pressure gauge, and tamper-resistant test orifice and sight glass. TESTanDRAIN valves are available in a full range of sizes (¾”—2”) with optional orifice sizes (2.8K—25.2K) and NPT or grooved (GRV) inlet/outlet ports. Valves are fields erviceable (repair kits sold separately), and offer locking kits for added security.


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