AGF Manufacturing 7950A-0800


8″ Model 7950 Main Line Air Vent

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Brand: AGF Manufacturing Part #: 106931 Category: Manufacturer Part #: 7950A-0800


The AGF PURGEnVENT Model 7950ILV Automatic Air Venting Valve with separation chamber and air scoop is designed to remove excess air from wet pipe fire sprinkler systems to help mitigate internal pipe corrosion. NFPA 13 standard requires the addition of an air vent on all wet pipe fire sprinkler systems that utilize metallic pipe. The PURGEnVENT Model 7950ILV features a FM approved and UL listed 7900V automatic air vent that releases excess air while the system is in operation. It also includes a separation chamber with air scoop, isolation valve, strainer, and purge valve with union and hose connection. The separation chamber allows the air vent to be installed in the main branch lines on systems where the high-point is difficult to facilitate. The patented pending air scoop helps divert air in the separation chamber more efficiently to the air vent. The purge valve removes air from the system faster when filling, helps flush and clean the valve, and can be used as a vacuum break when draining the system. When being used as a vacuum break it helps drain the system faster and protects gaskets from being dislodged on other system components. AGF recommends installing the valve in the system’s main branch line.


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