Det-Tronics 012152-001

AC100/ATX Kit

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Brand: Det-Tronics Part #: 132110 Category: Manufacturer Part #: 012152-001


The FlexSonic™ Acoustic Detector is designed to recognize the unique ultrasonic frequency content of events such as gas leaks. When a pressurized gas leak occurs, the frequency content of the sound being generated extends beyond the audible portion of the spectrum into the ultrasonic region (above 20 kHz). The intensity of the sound generated by a leak is determined by several factors including pressure, leak rate, gas viscosity, and distance from the leak source. Acoustic detection is less susceptible to environmental factors (such as high winds) that can degrade the ability of traditional sensing technology based on gas concentration to detect the presence of a leak. When combined with line of sight and/or point gas detectors, the additional layer of protection provided by the FlexSonic Acoustic Detector offers the ultimate solution for gas leak detection.


Weight 18 lbs






Unit of Measurement

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  • Analyzes 24 discrete ultrasonic bands
  • Nearly instantaneous response
  • Non-contact gas leak detection
  • 4-20 mA output combined with HART
  • Extensive data logging with removable storage that records the acoustic spectrum
  • Superior false alarm discrimination with patented technology
  • Ideally suited for locations where traditional technologies are challenged, such as outdoor and unmanned operations
  • Large detection coverage area
  • FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx
  • Certified SIL 2 Capable for all gas types
  • Globally approved Explosion-proof 316 stainless steel housing
  • Integrated Acoustic Integrity Check (AIC)
  • No routine calibration required
  • Not affected by poisoning

FlexSonic™ Acoustic Detector AC100 Sensor ATX10 Transmitter


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