Edwards EST GP10


Room Side Wiring Plate

Available With a Lead Time


Genesis G4 horns and strobes mount to the required GP10 room side wiring plate. The GP10 mounting plate is ordered separately from the G4 device in packs of 10 for convenient pre-installing and pre-wiring. The device can be removed easily from the room side wiring plate by pushing up with a screwdriver. The cover can also be removed from the device easily with a screwdriver to access the light and sound output settings and a diagnostics test port for voltage testing.

Genesis LED G4 Series horns, strobes, and horn-strobes mount to any standard one-gang, two-gang, 3.5-inch octagon, and 4-inch square electrical box. Matching optional G4T trim rings are available to cover oversized openings. Optional color matched double-gang surface boxes are also available.

Datasheet: GP10

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Weight .30 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

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