ENS Security POE-1602G-M


16GB LAyer2 Managed PoE Switch

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Brand: ENS Security FireAlarm.com Part #: 141577 Category: Manufacturer Part #: POE-1602G-M


POE-1602G-M is managed PoE switch designed for security transmission and WIFI coverage. It can meet the POE power supply requirements of WIFI AP, IP camera, WIFI bridge, IP phone and other types of equipment. The product adopts a new generation of high-performance hardware and software platform to provide flexible, cost-effective access and Gigabit uplink ports, complete security protection mechanism, complete ACL/QoS policy and rich VLAN functions, easy to manage and maintain, and meet users’ requirements for network equipment easy to manage, high security and low-cost , it is applicable to network access, aggregation, and core application scenarios of campus, hotel and enterprise campus.


Weight 6.62 lbs
Dimensions 19.02 × 10.44 × 3.19 in

ENS Security


ENS Security



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16 Gigabit Layer2 Managed PoE Switch; POE-1602G-M


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