Fike 02-14875-1


Check Valve, 2″ DN 50, PN 16, WMS

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Brand: Fike
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SKU: 141971
Manufacturer Part #: 02-14875-1
Secondary Part #: WAC-10438


The Wet  Alarm  Check  (WAC)  valve  is  a  clapper  and  wafer style check alarm valve designed to be installed  in wet pipe water mist systems downstream from the  system pump where the valve is fitted between two  flanges.  The  valve  is  capable  of  detecting  the  small  water flows which are common in the DuraQuench™  system. The valve has built in inlet and outlet pressure  gauges, a drain valve, an inductive alarm sensor and Anti‐False  Alarm  (AFA)  unit.  The  valve’s  inductive  alarm  sensor provides an electrical means  to detect  water  flow  through  the valve without direct contact  with moving parts.

The AFA is connected to the WAC valve and monitors  the  inductive  alarm  sensor  for  indication  of  water  flow. The AFA provides a factory set time delay of 8 –  10  seconds,  which  reduces  the  risk  of  false  alarms  coming from pressure shocks in the pipe system. The  unit provides a relay contact that provides a means to  send  a  signal  to  the  alarm  panel  for  activation  of  a  water flow alarm bell. The unit requires 12 – 24 VDC  power for operation.

The  WAC  valve  contains  sensitive  components  (electrical  and  mechanical)  and  should  be  handled  with care.

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