Fike 10-2627


Ethernet Module without Enclosure

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The Ethernet Module (P/N 10-2627) is an ancillary device, that when connected to a compatible Fike control panel, allows it to participate in a Proprietary Supervising Station fire alarm system as either a transmitting or receiving unit. The module provides an interface between the compatible Fike panel and a standard Ethernet IP connection. This allows Fike control panels located in different buildings or multiple sites to link together. The Ethernet Module is NOT to be used to network panels located in a single building together.


Weight 0.80 lbs

Fike Corporation





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EA (Each)

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  • Can be located up to 4000 feet from the Fire Alarm Control Unit
  • Powered from Fike control panel, or battery backed 24VDC, Regulated, Power Limited power supply listed for fire protective signaling use
  • Communicates on the RS-485 Peripheral Bus
  • Status LED to provide instant indication of Module communication
  • Transmits all network data to a monitoring location either on or off premises
  • Allows multiple Fike building fi re alarms systems to be monitored from one location, either on or off premises
  • Allows a single DACT connected to the monitoring panel to provide communication to the Central or Remote Station for all panels networked together
  • Ability to do proprietary PPU and proprietary receiving unit
  • Compatible with the Cheetah Xi, Cheetah Xi 50, CyberCat 254, CyberCat 1016 and CyberCat 50 control panels, Firmware versions 3.00 and higher



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