Fike 10-2773-1


Amplifier Kit, CD and Transformer 120V

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Manufacturer Part #: 10-2773-1


This amplifier kit is designed to feed a single audio zone and provide a 24 Vdc visual notification appliance circuit. The amplifier provides four Class B audio output circuits that are compatible with 25 or 70 Vrms speakers. An optional Class A card can be installed where redundant speaker circuit wiring is required. Each amplifier is equipped with a backup amplifier circuit, which automatically switches on if the amp circuit fails. Customers with larger systems may want to consider installing separate cabinets to house the kits throughout their buildings to reduce the wiring required for installation, and to lessen the chances of audio signal degradation.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 6.00 × 2.50 in

Fike Corporation




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  • Serves as the core of the Fike Emergency Communication System (ECS) and backup amplifier circuit.
  • Provides an integral 24 Vdc visual notification appliance circuit.
  • Delivers up to 50 watts of audio output power to connected voice evacuation speakers.
  • Can store up to 16 digitally recorded voice messages in the amplifier memory, each up to 30 seconds long.
  • Can be mounted in the host fire alarm control panel enclosure or in any optional amplifier distribution cabinet based on system size.
  • Allows up to 31 amplifiers to be connected to a single control panel.
  • Compatible with CyberCat® 1016, 254 and 50 with firmware version 5.xx and higher.
  • NAC circuit capable of producing SYNC protocol for Gentex and System Sensor.



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10-2773-X Amplifier Kit


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