Fike 20-1415


Outdoor Ceiling-Mount Speaker/Strobe, White, with Selectable Candela, Weatherproof Back Box, System Sensor

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Brand: Fike Part #: 141708 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: 20-1415Secondary Part #: SPSCWK


SpectrAlert Advance outdoor speakers and speaker strobes shall mount to a weatherproof back box. A universal mounting plate shall be used for mounting ceiling and wall products. The notification appliance circuit and amplifier wiring shall terminate at the universal mounting plate. Also, SpectrAlert Advance speaker strobes, when used with the Sync•Circuit™ Module accessory, shall be powered from a non-coded notification appliance circuit output and shall operate on a nominal 12 or 24 volts. When used with the Sync•Circuit Module, 12-volt-rated notification appliance circuit outputs shall operate between 9 and 17.5 volts; 24-volt-rated notification appliance circuit outputs shall operate between 17 and 33 volts. Outdoor SpectrAlert Advance products shall operate between –40°F and 151°F from a regulated DC, or full-wave rectified, unfiltered power supply.


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Dimensions 6.80 × 4.70 × 6.80 in

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Outdoor, SelectableOutput Speaker Strobes and DualVoltage Evacuation Speakers for Ceiling Applications


System Sensor - Data Sheet