Fike 60-008


Thermal Detector, 135F, Ex-Proof, Rate Anticipated

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Brand: Fike Part #: 126846 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: 60-008Secondary Part #: 302EPM-135


The Fike 60 series Thermal Detectors operate on the rate compensation principles. These principles offer the fastest possible response with the least probability of a false alarm, for a thermal type detector. Thermal detectors are normally open switches which automatically reset when the temperature returns to normal.

The thermal detectors are available in 135°F (57.2°C) or 194°F (90°C) temperature settings. All units are hermetically sealed, shock and corrosion resistant and tamper proof. Units are available for interior, weather-proof and explosion proof applications. The Interior Mount Detector has a 2” (51 mm) diameter plastic base with terminal screw type connections for fi eld wiring. The Explosion Proof Detector has a hexagonal wrench grip bushing with a 1/2” (15 mm) conduit threads and is approximately 4 1/8” (105 mm) long.

The Fike 60 series Thermal Detectors operate within a controlled range of several degrees of their set point. This eliminates the problem of thermal lag. The rate compensation feature allows for a quicker response when the temperature rises rapidly. The high expansion sensing shell rapidly expands with the increasing temperature, providing for actuation one to three degrees in advance of the detector’s set point. At the same time, however, it does not respond to momentary temperature fluctuations below the selected protection level. This eliminates false alarms.


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