Fike FIK-IR3-H2-AS11


IR3 Hydrogen Flame Detector, SS316, 2 x M25 entries, standard configuration

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Brand: Fike
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Manufacturer Part #: FIK-IR3-H2-AS11


The IR3-H2 flame detector provides ulta-fast response, high performance and reliable detection for a number of fires found in Energy Transition applications, such as hydrogen, methane, syngas, ammonia and methanol.

The detector addresses slow growing fires as well as fast eruptions of fire using improved IR3 technology. The detector operates in all weather and light conditions.

These features, along with the built-in event logger, provide additional means to study the cause and development of fire events.

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Weight 6.6 lbs
Dimensions 5.51 × 3.54 × 3.54 in

Fire & Gas Detection Technologies, Inc.




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EA (Each)

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  • High immunity to false alarm, including arc welding.
  • Ultra-fast mode detection within 40 milliseconds for Hydrogen fireballs or explosions.
  • Detects hydrogen, ammonia, methane & syngas flames using three infrared wavelengths, with clear separation.
  • Five selectable sensitivity levels.
  • Event logger: Alarms & Faults are logged to non-volatile memory.
  • Built-in-Test (BIT) – Automatic and manual self-test of window cleanliness and overall detector operation.
  • HART® 7 for configuration & maintenance – option available.
  • Window heater to avoid condensation and icing.
  • Stainless steel tilt mount with horizontal and vertical adjustment.
  • SIL 2 capable option available.

IR3-H2 Triple IR Hydrogen Flame Detector


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FIK-IR3-H2 Triple IR Flame Detector


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