Fike FIK-M500MR-2


Addressable relay/monitor module

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Brand: Fike
Status: Active
SKU: 131606
Manufacturer Part #: FIK-M500MR-2
Secondary Part #: IDP-RELAYMON-2


The FIK‐M500MR‐2 multi‐output‐input module is designed for use with the Fike FCP Series fire alarm control panels  (FACPs). The addressable module is intended for use in intelligent, two‐wire loops. It includes two individual relay control modules and two Class B monitor modules.

Each relay output is intended for Form C switching applications which do not require wire supervision for the load circuit. Each monitor input provides an interface between a fire alarm control panel and one or more normally open contact‐type devices. Each relay output has its own green LED.

The FIK‐M500MR‐2 mounts directly into a 4” square electrical box. The box must have a minimum depth of 2‐1/8”. A surface mount electrical box (SMB500) is available from Fike.

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Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 4.67 × 4.27 × 1.40 in

Fike Corporation




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  • Monitor two circuits, with unique addresses, simultaneously
  • Two Form C relay contacts with each having a unique address
  • Fully supervised support for Class B input wiring
  • Relay programming is completely flexible – can be mapped to zone conditions
  • Individual LEDs for each monitored input and relay output
  • Rotary address switches for fast installation
  • SEMS screws for easy wiring

FIK‐M500MR‐2 Addressable Dual Relay / Monitor Module


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FIK-M500MR-2 Multiple Module with Two Relay Outputs and Two Monitor Inputs


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