Fike FIK-M500S


Addressable notification module

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Brand: Fike
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Manufacturer Part #: FIK-M500S
Secondary Part #: IDP-CONTROL


The FIK‐M500S is an addressable notification module for use with Fike FCP Series fire alarm control panels (FACPs). The FIK‐M500S gives you the flexibility to add notification circuits wherever needed on a Fike FACP signaling line circuit (SLC) loop.

The FIK‐M500S provides supervised monitoring of wiring to load devices that require an external power supply to operate, such as bells, horns, and strobes. It is capable of Class B or Class A supervision.

Upon command from the FACP, the FIK‐M500S will disconnect the supervision and connect the external power supply across the load device. The disconnection of the supervision provides a positive indication to the panel that the control relay turned on. The external power supply is always isolated from the SLC loop so that a trouble condition on the power supply will never interfere with the rest of the system.

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Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 4.50 × 4.00 × 1.25 in

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  • Flexible solution for adding notification circuits where needed
  • Support for Class B or Class A wiring
  • Panel controlled status LED that flashes green in normal state and is solid red in alarm
  • Polling LED visible through the cover plate
  • Rotary address switches for fast installation
  • SEMS screws for easy wiring

FIK‐M500S Addressable Notification Module


Fike - Data Sheet

FIK-M500S Supervised Control Module


Fike - Data Sheet