Honeywell IR-F9-NH3-0/2-N1

IR-F9 gas detector with Infrared sensor for Ammonia (NH3) 0-20000 ppm with 4-20 mA output, NEMA-1 enclosure

Condition: New
Brand: Honeywell
Status: Active
SKU: 116255
Manufacturer Part #: IR-F9-NH3-0/2-N1


The industrial refrigeration industry is changing rapidly. The manufacture of R-22 and other HCFCs are being phased out, and manufacturers of cooling systems are introducing new equipment that runs on 407a, 422d, 410a, NH3 and CO2. In step with these changes, EPA fines have escalated for anyone venting ozone-depleting gases. What’s your best move? With Honeywell Analytics, you can green the environment—and green your bottom line. Honeywell Analytics Infrared monitoring solutions are designed to help your plant operate more efficiently and cost effectively. Unlike sample draw systems which take longer to pinpoint a gas leak, our diffusion sensing technology cuts downtime and the cost of expensive refrigerant replacement. Other technological advantages include flexible standalone or networkable configurations, long operating life expectancy (10+ years); fewer calibration requirements; self-monitoring SensorCheck technology; guaranteed EPA compliance; and accurate, reliable response to all refrigerant gases used in industrial or commercial processes.

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