Honeywell LG1093AC01

LG Flame Detector

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Brand: Honeywell
Status: Active
SKU: 101081
Manufacturer Part #: LG1093AC01


Industrial power generation gas turbine installations demand the superior protection provided by the Honeywell UV Flame Monitoring System. The Honeywell flame monitor system detects the ultraviolet radiation emitted by a hydrocarbon flame and produces an output signal to indicate a flame or noflame condition. This system has delivered proven performance on General Electric (and GE licensee) gas turbines for more than 35 years. Land-based and off-shore applications include power generation, pumping stations, shipboard power generation among other industrial uses. A variety of sensor types, amplifier types and sensor cable lengths are available.

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  • High sensitivity with fast response time (0.1 sec typical)
  • Amplifiers support multiple voltage requirements: 28 Vdc, 20-35 Vdc, and 115 Vac.
  • Operating distances up to 1000 feet, sensor to amplifier.
  • Available with Factory Mutual approval for explosive atmospheres.
  • Available with European Directive CE mark for EMC 89/336/EEC, LVD 73/23/EEC and ATEX Explosive Atmosphere 94/9/EC
  • Qualified component on General Electric turbines.

Superior Flameout Protection for Industrial Gas Turbines


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