Honeywell S550BE

IR & UV Flame Detector, Quick Disconnect Cable for all fuels

Condition: New
Brand: Honeywell
Status: Active
SKU: 106813
Manufacturer Part #: S550BE


The Honeywell S55XBE series viewing heads are used with P522, P531, and P532 signal processors. Multiple sensor options of IR, UVTron, and IR/UV offer flexibility to meet a wide array of applications. The system is not adversely affected by x-rays and gamma rays during operation making them ideal for monitoring all fuel flames and single or multiple burners firing multiple fuels.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 4.05 × 8.82 × 4.05 in



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  • Multiple models (IR/UV, IR only, and UVTron only) offer application flexibility.
  • All models include electronic check (no mechanical shutter) for self-check of the system.
  • Numeric two-digit display for each sensor on the back of the viewing head provides UV and IR flame count.
  • Quick disconnect cable (order separately) for non-PF models. PF models provided with factory installed cable.
  • Mountable in any orientation.
  • Includes imbedded temperature sensor.

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