Napco FW-2

Two‐Wire Conventional Smoke Detector

Condition: New
Brand: Napco
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 94365
Manufacturer Part #: FW-2
Replacement: FW-2-E


The Napco Firewolf FW-2 advanced photoelectric smoke detectors utilize two bi colored LEDs for indication of status. In a normal standby condition, the LEDs will flash green every 3 seconds. When the detector senses that its sensitivity has drifted outside the UL Listed sensitivity window, the LEDs will flash red every 3 seconds. When the detector senses smoke and goes into alarm, the status LEDs will latch on red.

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Weight 0.7 lbs

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  • Low profile – Only 1.8″ high
  • FW2-H & FW4-H models include a built-in thermal heat sensor – for more accurately detecting a wide range of fires (135°F heat detector)
  • 2-Wire or 4-Wire models
  • Highly stable operation, RF / Transient protection
  • Two built-in power / sensitivity supervision / alarm LEDs
  • Non-directional smoke chamber
  • Vandal-resistant security locking feature (FW-2, FW2-H, FW-4, FW4 H)
  • Built-in magnetic Go / No-Go detector test feature
  • Removable smoke labyrinth for cleaning or replacement
  • Automatic Sensitivity window verification function meets outlined requirements in NFPA 72 Chapter 7, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance


Conventional Smoke Detection ; Models FW‐2, FW2‐H, FW‐4, FW4‐H
Napco – Data Sheet