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Notifier’s First Command NFC-LOC is an optional Local Operator Console that is compatible with the NFC-50/100(E) Emergency Voice Evacuation Panel for fire protection applications and mass notification. It is part of a family of external remote consoles that allows for extending the NFC-50/100(E) display and control to remote locations within a building. It consists of a complete operator interface that is identical to the NFC-50/ 100 main console as well as a built-in microphone with a pushto-talk feature for ALL CALL paging. It is housed in a cabinet with a keyed to prevent unauthorized access. The local operator console requires an external data bus connection, an external audio riser connection, and an external operator interface power connection (24 Volts DC) from the NFC-50/100 main console.

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  • Provides messaging status and control of the NFC-50/ 100(E) primary operator console
  • Complete operator interface that is identical to the NFC-50/ 100(E) that includes a built-in microphone for ALL CALL paging
  • UL 864 (Emergency Voice Evacuation for Fire) listed
  • Certified for seismic applications
  • A maximum of eight NFC-LOCs can be connected to an NFC-50/100(E) primary operating console
  • Built-in microphone with push-to-talk feature that can be used for ALL CALL paging
  • Fourteen programmable message buttons that can be used to activate all speaker circuits remotely
  • Sturdy cabinet design with a keyed lock to prevent unauthorized access
  • Optional thumb lock available Simple and straightforward user interface

NFC-LOC; FirstCommand Local Operator Console


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