Telescoping Pipe Stand, 5″–24″ Pipe

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Brand: nVent CADDY FireAlarm.com Part #: 110471 Category: Manufacturer Part #: CTS10


The CTH037TC is a truss-t bar joist hanger that easily installs on the top chord of engineered open web bar joints from underneath, limiting overhead work.





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  • Easily installs on the top chord of engineered open web bar joists from underneath, limiting overhead work
  • Innovative attachment effortlessly slides through the middle slot of open web joists and quickly locks into place when put under load
  • Installation of the complete, self-contained system can be accomplished with one hand and requires no additional special tools
  • The unique design of the nVent CADDY Truss-T hanger does not need to be tightened like a traditional beam clamp, providing greater adjustability and speed during system alignment
  • Prefabricated single pipe hanger and multi-pipe/tube trapeze assemblies can be prefabricated on the ground or in the shop, and easily hung by the installer
  • Concentrically loading the bar joist chord eliminates torsion and/or distortion, adhering to the strict rules established by the Steel Joist Insitute (SJI)
  • The increased load carrying capacity results in the product being UL listed to support a maximum of 8″ Schedule 40 pipe
  • Included square washer with integrated threaded nut eliminates the need for loose hardware

Telescoping Pipe Stand


nVent CADDY – Data Sheet

Telescoping Pipe Stand


nVent CADDY – Installation Manual