Power Sonic PTX30L-BS


Locally Activated AGM Powersport Battery; 12V, 30Ah @10Hr, 400 CCA

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Condition: New
Brand: Power Sonic
Status: Active
SKU: 175333
Manufacturer Part #: PTX30L-BS


The PIX30L-BS is part of our Super Sport Series of SMF (sealed maintenance free) batteries which use gas recombination technology, with this type of technology the battery requires less maintenance and doesn’t need to be refilled once activated. The 12V 30Ah, 400 CCA AGM battery is supplied with an acid pack and activation before first use will be required. Once the battery has been activated it becomes completely sealed and spill proof making it ideal for a variety of Powersport applications.

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Weight 20.90 lbs
Dimensions 6.54 × 54.96 × 6.85 in

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EA (Each)

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  • Locally activated AGM battery
  • Exceptional starting power
  • Excellent cycle life
  • Maintenance free after initial filling
  • Highly vibration and impact resistant
  • Completely sealed and spill proof after initial filling
  • Long shelf life, with no need to recharge before initial filling
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Simply fill your battery and you are ready to go

Locally Activated AGM Powersport Battery Super Sport Series; PIX30L-BS


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