Safe Fire TC-365N-3000

3000 ft Spool of SafeCable Linear Heat Detection, Fixed Temperature 365 °F, Black Nylon Coating

  • Factory New
Brand: Safe Fire Detection Part #: 138252 Category: Manufacturer Part #: TC-365N-3000


Linear Heat Detection SafeCable (LHD), uses advanced polymers and a newly developed alloy for exceptional detection, durability and design flexibility. At the core of SafeCable there is a twisted pair of conductors tri-metallic extremely low resistance, which are lined with new and advanced thermal polymers. These polymers are designed to chemically decompose at fixed temperatures specific, allowing stranded conductors make contact and initiate an alarm.



Safe Fire Detection Inc.


Safe Fire



Unit of Measurement

EA (Each)

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  • Alarm temperature set at 365 ° C
  • Compatible with any Fire Detection panel
  • Up to 15,000 ft. linear coverage area
  • Excellent durability for outdoor environments
  • Multiple alarm temperatures in an area
  • After an alarm, is not nesesary the entire cable replacement
  • Approved for up to 10.7 meters spacing
  • The lower resistance than any other LHD
  • Resistance: 0.164 homs / m
  • Maximum rated voltage: 30VAC, 42Vcc