Secutron MR-400R


Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel, Red door

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Brand: Secutron Part #: 115518 Category: Manufacturer Part #: MR-400R


The MR-400 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel is an intelligent addressable multi-zoned panel, ideal for small to medium jobs.

The MR-400 is shipped pre-assembled with mainboard, power supply, transformer, main display, black backbox, and red door enclosure. Compatible with MGC Devices (MIX-4000 Series), the MR-400 comes with one addressable (SLC) loop with a maximum of 240 MGC devices in total.

The MR-400 is equipped with a built-in dialer. The dialer provides a means to communicate panel status to the remote central monitoring station using two dedicated phone lines.





  • Main Board, Power Supply and Backbox.
  • One addressable (SLC) loop with a maximum of 240 MGC devices (MIX-4000 series) in total.
  • Multi-zone fire alarm control panel.
  • Compatible with MGC devices (MIX-4000).
  • Compatible with conventional detectors using MGC MIX-4042 Conventional Zone module, refer to document LT-1023SEC for compatible detectors.
  • Main 4 x 20 LCD display.
  • Class A, Class X or Class B analog loop(s).
  • Four Power Limited Class B, Class A NAC circuits (max 1.5 Amps each – 5.0 Amps total).
  • NAC circuits may be configured as silenceable signal, non-silenceable signal, silenceable strobes, non-silenceable strobes, or auxiliary power output. The audible signal may be Steady, Temporal Code, California Code, or March Time.
  • Supports sync strobe protocols from major manufacturers.
  • Software configuration.
  • Two-stage, alarm verification, and positive alarm sequence operations.
  • Configurable Signal Silence Inhibit, Auto Signal Silence, and One-Man Walk Test.
  • Subsequent Alarm, Supervisory, Monitor and Trouble operation.
  • Dedicated common alarm, supervisory, trouble and auxiliary alarm relays.
  • Relay Contacts for Common Alarm, Common Supervisory and Common Trouble all non-disconnectable and Auxiliary Alarm Relay (disconnectable).
  • Additional outputs include connections for a RTI remote trouble indicator, PR-300 Reverse Polarity Module, an RS- 485 bus for connection of up to seven RAX-LCD-LITEs, RAM-3318-LCDs, MR-2312-SR12s and RA-1000 Series annunciators.
  • Auxiliary power is available in the form of 24V FWR unfiltered and unsupervised, 24VDC filtered and regulated, and resettable auxiliary power supply.
  • Built-in Dialer Module.

Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel; MR-400


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