Siemens 40/40U-112SF

UV Flame Detector WO1 75C 3/4″ SS FM

Condition: New
Brand: Siemens
Status: Active
SKU: 122215
Manufacturer Part #: 40/40U-112SF
Secondary Part #: S54430-F235-A1


The UV Flame Detector (Series 40/40U) detects hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires; invisible hydrogen flames, and fires from hydrides, ammonia, silane and other organics. Model 40/40U-122SF has considerable durability and weather-related resistance, and is comprised of the following: heated window (eliminating condensation and icing); Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) capabilities (for digital communications, low-power requirements), and a compact, lighter design). Be advised Model 40/40U-122SF should not be exposed to UV radiation sources, such as: welding, sparks, and electric arcs. Otherwise, false alarms will occur. Specifically, Model 40/40U-122SF is comprised of the following: 4-20mA (SINK) wiring; a Normally Closed (N.C) FAULT relay, and Normally Open (N.O) ALARM relay. Model 40/40U 122SF has a maximum operating temperature of 185°F (85°C). It is stainless-steel by design, and has a 3/4 inch National Pipe Thread (NPT) Taper. This product is Factory Mutual Approved, as well as SIL2 (TUV) Approved to IEC 61508.

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Weight 6.1 lbs
Dimensions 4.00 × 4.60 × 6.18 in

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40/40 Series UV/IR Flame Detector Models


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