Siemens TRI-D


Dual-Input Intelligent Interface Module

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The Model TRI-series of intelligent interface modules from Siemens ─ Fire Safety is designed to provide the means of interfacing direct shorting devices to Model MLC for the FireFinder XLS FACP, or to Model ALD for the MXL system, respectively.

The Model TRI-series of intelligent interface modules provides the most advanced method of address programming and supervision ─ combined with sophisticated FACP communication. Each Model TRI-series interface module incorporates a microcomputer chip. In turn, the microcomputer-chip technology and its sophisticated bi-directional communication capabilities with the FACP, achieve the state of an ‘Intelligent Device.’

Model TRI-D is a dual-input module that is designed to supervise and monitor two (2) sets of dry contacts. Model TRI-D requires two (2) address settings. Model TRI-D is ideal for monitoring a waterflow switch and its respective valve tamper switch.

Datasheet: TRI-D

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


  • Used as an intelligent initiating interface module for the FireFinder XLS and MXL fire-alarm control panels (FACPs)
  • Interfaces and supervises normally open (N.O) contacts
  • Integral single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) relay (up to 4 amps), Model TRI-R
  • Dual input for Model TRI-D
  • Multi-color light-emitting diode (LED) indicates detector status (green, amber, red)
  • Simple front-end access to programming port and wiring terminals
  • Mounts in a 4”-square, 2-1/8”-deep standard or double-gang box
  • Dynamic supervision
  • Two-wire operation
  • Compatible with Model DPU or FPI-32 field programmer / tester
  • Electronic-address programming is simple and dependable
  • UL Listed, ULC Listed; CSFM and NYC Fire Department Approved