When you rent or lease a Temporary Fire Alarm System from us, you can rest easy knowing that you and your building’s occupants are safe no matter what changes your building, or your current fire alarm system may be currently undergoing.

By Renting or Leasing a Temporary Fire Alarm System, not only will you be able to satisfy any local laws and codes, but you can also save thousands in what it would cost to either pay fines without having proper fire protection, or what it would cost to have 24-hour Fire Watch Guards in place throughout your entire building for an extended period of time.


FireAlarm.com’s Temporary Fire Alarm System includes a complete system; all devices will be pre-programmed and custom-tailored to you, your building, and your situation – this allows for easy installation and easy removal.

How To Save Big By Renting/Leasing A Temporary Fire Alarm System:

  • If you’re constructing or renovating a brand-new building, it is important to have proper fire protection, and a fire alarm system will only be operational by the end of construction. The local Law Having Jurisdiction always requires fire protection, even on construction sites – by renting a temporary fire alarm system, you can successfully satisfy all of these necessary conditions.
  • If your existing fire alarm system is completely non-functional, or even partially-non-functional, your building and its occupants are at risk. While you are either repairing your current system, or replacing it completely, a temporary, fully-functional fire alarm system can be put into place in order to satisfy all laws & codes, while also keeping you safe.
  • Although FireAlarm.com offers Fire Watch services for when your fire alarm system is down, a Temporary Fire Alarm System can avoid the need and costs associated with a 24-hour Fire Watch Guard. A Rented or Leased fire alarm system can be put into place in order to have your premises protected, for as long as you need!
  • If you are finally upgrading your system, your existing system will be out of commission! Again, instead of either facing fines because of code violations, or hiring 24-hour Fire Watch for an extended period of time, rent or lease a Temporary Fire Alarm System for complete fire and life safety coverage. When your new system is finally either finished or upgraded, FireAlarm.com’s Temporary Fire Alarm System can be taken down with ease.
  • If you are a movie, or tv production studio, and have a long-term shoot happening on location or new sound stage, a temporary fire alarm system is perfect for providing the right fire protection for you, your team, and your production. No more paying in excess for Fire Watch Guard, or for the fire department to be unnecessarily on-site at all times.