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E-Z Fit Low Profile Base

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The Intelligent Detector Bases from Advanced offer unique fire alarm industry features that simplify installations and provide tremendous flexibility. Incorporating sub-addressable and SLC loop-powered ancillary outputs, these intelligent bases allow for cost-effective and trouble-free installations.

By sub-addressing ancillary outputs off of the Intelligent Detector Bases, remote LEDs and relays are independently controlled by the AxisAX Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels. In addition, the remote LEDs and relays are SLC loop-powered (powered directly from the AxisAX Series fire alarm control panel’s SLC loop) which reduces the need for additional field wiring and external power supplies. Sub-addressing and SLC loop powering of ancillary outputs makes installation, programming, and commissioning of the most complex projects extremely simplistic.

Datasheet: 45681-250ADS

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in