Advanced 45681-800ADV


Intelligent CO Detector and Sounder Base

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    Brand: Advanced Part #: 2480 Category: Manufacturer Part #: 45681-800ADV


    The Intelligent CO Detector and Sounder Base (45681-800ADV) is an analog/addressable combination carbon monoxide (CO) detector for use with Advanced fire alarm control panels. In addition to carbon monoxide monitoring, the CO detector and sounder base can accommodate any Advanced intelligent smoke, heat, or multi-sensor detector. For stand-alone CO detection, blank covers are available in low profile (45681-292) and high profile (45681-380) formats.

    The built in sounder of the Intelligent CO Detector and Sounder Base base, can provide either a temporal 3 (fire alarm event) or temporal 4 (CO event) signal, with the fire alarm event having the highest priority. The sounder base requires a separate regulated 24 VDC supply whether from an AxisAX Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC) or from a Listed, supervised, power supply. In addition, common area sounder synchronization is possible with the MB-SDRT-SM, Synchronization Module.

    Unique Features:

    • Sounder Base CO and Alarm Temporal Patterns
    • Built-in Dedicated Microprocessor
    • UL 2075 & 2034 CO Monitoring Levels
    • Automatic & Manual CO Detector Testing
    • Sub-Addressing of Sounder Base
    • Integral Red Status LED


    Weight 1.00 lbs



    • Standalone CO Detection or Multi-Detection Capability
      • Multi-Detection available w/ optional Intelligent Photo, Ion,
    • Hear or Multi-Sensor Detector
    • Superior Rejection of Transient Signals
    • Optional Blank Covers for Standalone Operation
    • 100% Digital Communication Protocol
    • Integral XPerT Card Addressing for Optional Detector
    • Detector to Base Locking Mechanism


    Intelligent CO Detector and Sounder Base