Advanced 55000-831ADV


AX Mini Switch Monitor Module

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Brand: Advanced Part #: 2714 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: 55000-831ADVSecondary Part #: 55000-831AELUSA, 55000-831AEL


Designed with flying leads for field wiring, the Mini Switch Monitor can either fit inside the device being monitored, or can be placed in an electrical box in the vicinity of the device being monitored. Based on installation requirements, the Mini Switch Monitor’s initiating device circuit (IDC) is capable of being wired Class A or B to the monitored contact device(s). An integral eight position programming DIP switch must be set for device addressing and wiring classification definition. Each Mini Switch Monitor incorporates a red status LED which illuminates steady during active condition. Mini Switch Monitor’s can monitor any number of contact devices, however it is recommended not to mix alarm, supervisory, or security contacts on the same monitoring module circuit.


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Replacement: SA4705-600ADV