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Red Audio Booster

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Brand: Advanced Part #: 2222 Category: Manufacturer Part #: AV-VB


The AV-VB distributed audio booster is designed to be a self-contained remote audio amplifi er capable of providing message/tone generation and rebroadcasting of any 25 Vrms signal. Used in conjunction with an emergency communications system (AxisAX Series audio system or AV-VBM audio panel) the AV-VB provides increased digital audio signaling during an emergency situation (alarm, alerts, warnings, mass notifi cation, etc.) to meet total system wattage requirements via true distributed audio methodology. The AV-VB distributed audio booster message/tone generation and booster operation can be controlled either via an AxisAX fi re alarm control panel’s PerfectSync protocol or from the activation of one of three (3) prioritized relay trigger inputs.


Weight 19.00 lbs
Dimensions 5.00 × 16.00 × 19.00 in

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  • Class A or B Audio Notifi cation Appliance Circuit Wiring
  • External AC Power and Trouble LEDs
  • Internal Service Diagnostic and Status Indicators
  • USB Port Interface for Message/Tone Programming
  • Programmable one-to-one Amplifi er Backup with Test
  • Network or Hardwire Controlled with Priorities
  • AxisAX Fire Alarm Panel Powerful CBE Logic Programming
  • Optional AV-ZS Audio Zone Splitter Module

Distributed Audio Booster; AV-VB


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