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BMS Graphics Interface Style 7 w/ Red Enclosure

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Providing superior monitoring and control in a remote location, via a serial RS-232 interface, the Advanced BMS/Graphics Interface (AX-BMS) provides building management system or color graphics package interfacing to a single Axis AX Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel or to a complete Axis AX Series peer-to-peer network (AD-NeT-PluS) installation.

The BMS/Graphics Interface (AX-BMS) consists of the AX-BMS PCB and an enclosure. It consumes one node address on an AD-NeT-PluS network, and can be utilized on either the Advanced Style 4 or Style 7 fault tolerant peer-to-peer network.

The state of each network node and the status of individual devices (such as analog values of intelligent smoke detectors) of an AD-NeT-PluS network can be sent to the building management system or color graphics package at any time in a user-friendly, clear and concise manner. In addition, at any time control and view requests can be sent to the AX-BMS interface device.


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  • One-Way / Two-Way Interface to AD-NeT-PluS
  • Power Supply Contact Monitoring Input
  • Uncomplicated and Simplistic Installation
  • Ad-VIEW Graphics Interface
  • AD-NeT-PluS Network Module
  • Style 4 (Class B) and Style 7 (Class A) Versions
  • Sector Base/Building Partition Programming
  • Easy Configuration via PC-NeT

BMS / Graphics Interface


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