Advanced AX-LPD-09


2-Way SLC/NAC Expander Card

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Advanced AX-LPD module provides SLC and NAC circuit expansion of an existing AX-CTL-2 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel. The module provides two Style 4 or Style 6/7 Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs) and two notification appliance circuits (NACs). Communications to field devices attached to the SLCs is via an advanced, 100% digital protocol with advantages of being highly immune to noisy environments and will operate over non-shielded cable without causing interference problems with sensitive electronic equipment. The NAC circuits are filtered and regulated, capable of being wired Class A or B, each rated 2 Amp @ 24 VDC. Due to exceptional regulation and high rating, the NAC outputs provide compatibility with virtually any Listed notification appliance.

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  • 2 SLC/NAC or 2 NAC Expansion
  • “DynamiX” I/O Relationship Programming
  • Multi-Pattern & Two-Stage NAC Control
  • 252 Analog Addressable Point Expansion
  • Automatic Detector Testing with Maintenance Alert
  • Automatic Drift Compensation per Detector
  • Alarm Verification and PAS
  • Style 4, 6 & 7 SLC Operation (126 devices per SLC)
  • SLC’s Support Loop Powered Technology
  • Class A or B NAC Circuits
  • Multi-Pattern and Two-Stage NAC Circuit Control
  • Synchronized Audibles and Visuals (Panel or Network Wide)
  • Programmable Silenceable & Non-Silenceable NACs
  • Voltage Regulated NACs (Compatible with many Listed NAC devices)
  • “Auto-Learn/Loop Detection” Programming


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